AASE – Annual Assembly 2021

AASE – Annual Assembly 2021

20. May 2021
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During the virtual AASE General Assembly on 12 May, the board of the AASE was reelected: Thomas Röhr from ESTA Belfort (France) will lead the board, whereas Timo Holopainen from UAS Turku (Finland) answers for finances, Thomas Berger from DHBW Stuttgart (Germany) is responsible for research and education, and Kati Lang from UAS Düsseldorf (Germany) is accountable for strategy and development.

Furthermore, the AASE general assembly decided to launch certifications for initial sales engineering study programmes based on AASE’s four educational pillars science/technology, sales/marketing, management, and personal skills, as well as the defined aminimum requirements. To enhance sales engineering education, it was determined to waive fees for applications submitted before December 2023.

As Thomas Röhr stated “this certification aims at increasing visibility and quality of sales engineering education”. On these grounds, AASE will follow its commitment to be the academic forum for technical sales education, research and projects in Europe.

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