AASE launches Education programme Certification

AASE launches Education programme Certification

21. September 2021
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Sales Engineers play an important role in companies. They are the interface with the professional customer; their ability to sell technical products or services is key for their success.

Selling technical products or services needs various, pluri-disciplinary competencies from domains such as Science & Technology, Sales & Marketing, or Management, as well as many soft skills.

AASE promotes Sales Engineering studies that include all these fields and best train students for their future job. AASE now launches Education Programme Certification for initial Sales Engineering studies that satisfy the criteria set to ensure high quality education in line with industrial needs. The certification bases on the minimum standards developed by AASE in the past.

Two study programmes already successfully finished the certification process and are allowed to use the title ‘Certified Education Partner for Sales Engineering (AASE)’:

  • “B.Eng. in Industrial Management Engineering, Sales” from Turku University of Applied Sciences             
  • “B.Eng in International Technical Sales Engineering/Internationales Technisches Vertriebsmanagement” from Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg.

Study programme responsible aiming at getting their study programme certified can now apply for the AASE Education Programme Certification. Further information about the process and requested documents and information can be found in the certification section.     

Download the complete press release here.

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