With their signatures, the 27 representatives of the 14 participating institutions of higher education in Sales Engineering established the Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE) on 4 June 2014. The focus lay on education in technical sales; therefore, the invitation to the founding meeting was sent solely to this circle of persons so that the AASE dissociated itself deliberately from a pure marketing-oriented course of study in sales.

At present, 35 professors and lecturers from four countries of the European Union are brought together in the AASE. The membership is a personal one, whereby the respective colleges and universities support the association. A statute is at hand. The founding of the AASE as a registered association will take place at the third annual meeting of the AASE 2016. The AASE consists of a committee and three working groups: Research, Teaching, and Public Relations. Each working group has a chairperson, who is a member of the expanded AASE committee.

The AASE meets annually at varying locations. In addition to organizational aspects, the meetings also deal with the results of the working groups, as well as specialist presentations from the research field of Sales Engineering.







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