Cultural differences in reading offers – a German-Finnish cooperation

7. August 2019
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7. August 2019

Offers are essential part of Sales Engineer’s daily work. A German-Finnish research group analyses differences in reading offers using eye-tracking technology. Participants from both countries had a given time to read different types of offers before they had to answer to a questionnaire. The results show significant differences between purchasers from both countries.

First results are available here (in German only):

Berger, T.; Holopainen, T.; Seidenstricker, S. (2019): Differences in reading offers in Finland and Germany, preliminary results from a joint AASE-Project (in German).

AASE Annual Meeting 2019.

24. May 2019
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On 14th – 15th May the AASE Annual Meeting 2019 was held in Vienna (Austria). Hosted and organised by AASE member Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Roman Anlanger from the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, the meeting was the opportunity for the 20 present members to review achievements of the first five years of cooperation and to prepare AASE to the future.

AASE Meeting 2019, Vienne

Participants at AASE Annual Meeting 2019 at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

A new structure of the AASE Board had been decided and elected:

  • Professor Thomas Röhr (ESTA School of Business & Technology Belfort, France)
  • Professor Dr.-Ing. Ludger Schneider-Störmann (University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg, Germany)
    Vice-Presidents responsible for Strategy & Development
  • Professor Dr. Thomas Berger (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart, Germany),
    Vice-Presidents responsible for Education & Research)
  • Dr. Timo Holopainen (Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland),
    Vice-Presidents responsible for Funding.

The AASE Board is supported by the AASE Advisory Board with the following members:

  • Dr. rer. oec. Luis Barrantes (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany) – Speaker
  • Tero Reunanen (Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
  • Dr.Sc. Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen (Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
  • Professor Dr.-Ing. Jobst Görne (University of Applied Sciences Aalen, Germany)

Find the complete Press communication here.