Roman Anlanger

FH des BFI Wien

Roman Anlanger belongs to the leading marketing and distribution experts in the German-speaking world. As Director of Studies in the Bachelor Programme “Technical Sales and Distribution Management” at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, he is responsible for the teaching and research staff. A graduate of two university programmes, Mr. Anlanger is active as CRM manager and business trainer and lectures at several other scientific institutions as well. He invented the concept and strategy of “Trojan Marketing” and is a successful author who has written the bestsellers “Trojan Marketing” (Volume I and Volume II). Moreover, he is a frequent top-speaker at events and is a consultant to businesses in the fields of marketing, social media, communication, CRM and distribution. Mr. Anlanger’s numerous activities have earned him a further high award as “XING Ambassador”.

Roman Anlanger is researching digitization in sales. Not only sales in general is affected, but also every single employee in this area whose daily work has been undergoing radical change for some time. The reason for this is the omnipresent digitalization that has also reached this part of the working world. This applies in particular to so-called “online communication” via web conferencing, webinars and business platforms. Online communication in particular has enormous relevance for the Technical Sales and Distribution Management bachelor’s degree course. The research results are published, for example, in working papers and integrated into teaching and didactics. For this purpose, lectures at conferences, scientific institutions, etc. are attended and held. Furthermore, Roman Anlanger organizes conferences and meetings both internally, at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, and externally in Austria and abroad.

Roman is one of the preparing members of AASE, he was WG leader Public relations from 2014 to 2019.

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