Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen †

Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) †

Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen †, Turku UAS

Dr. Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen is one of the developers of innovation pedagogy – Innopeda® for Turku University of Applied Sciences. She has been working for the university since year 2000 in several positions. Until end of 2017, she served as a dean for a multidisciplinary faculty contributing strongly to the development of multidisciplinary education. Now she works as an executive lecturer in the field of sales and innovation pedagogy. She received Dr.Sc. in marketing in year 2003 and her special interests are developing Innovation pedagogy and sales education for business and engineering studies. Prior to joining the university, she served in business life both in sales and in product management. She has published and presented about the mentioned topics in many domestic and international forums. She is a member of Academic Association for Sales Engineering (AASE), a board member in the Global sales science institute (GSSI) and in the European sales competition association (ESCA). †

Liisa passed away in August 2020.

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