AASE Membership

AASE Membership

AASE allows two types of members:

  1. Active members or adherents
    Active members are individual persons who joined the association. They are employed by a Higher Education Institution engaged in Sales Engineering Education or got retired from such an Institution; are involved in the different instances or groups; take the responsibility to pay the annual membership fee decided by the General Assembly and specified in the internal Rules of Procedure..
  2. Associated members
    Associated members are other individual persons or legal persons who are interested in Sales Engineering Education and who want to contribute to the achievement of AASE’s objectives.

Are you interested in joining and supporting AASE? Request your membership by sending the completed Membership Request Form to president [at] aase-eu.org. Get the Membership Request Form

The Executive Board evaluates the request and decides about memberships. The applicant will get an official answer.

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