Academic Association of Sales Engineering

What it is

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE) aims at promoting and establishing Sales Engineering as a separate profession, renown by industry, politics and future students. This closed group allows Sales Engineers, lectures and other interested people to exchange about Sales Engineering related topics and questions.

The AASE is the association of people, who are working in sales engineering programmes.

Who we are

The members of the AASE are professors, teaching staff and members of approved sales engineering study programmes. Most of the members do have an industrial experience in sales engineering, marketing, sales, product-management and other related fields.

The AASE members all together are the state-of-the-art professionals in sales engineering education.

Sales Engineers

Sales engineers (SE) sell technical products and services to companies. They consult the professional customer and suggest technically and economically feasible solutions with maximum utility for both the customer and their own company. They combine technical knowledge with commercial skills. They are best trained to understand the requirements of the industry. Sales engineering is a profession which includes at least as much skills than knowledge. This unique profession is a mixture of technical, sales, business, management and soft skills, internationalization included.

The AASE is promoting the education and the career opportunities of Sales Engineers.

Sales Engineering Study Programmes

Not all study programmes on sales are sales engineering programmes. AASE members develop concepts and minimum requirements for higher education sales engineering study programmes. These programmes must deliver competences in engineering, sales, marketing, and negotiations.

The AASE sets standards in higher education of Sales Engineers.

Meetings and Sustainability

The AASE meets annually at varying locations. In addition to organizational aspects, the meetings also deal with the results of the working groups, as well as specialist presentations from the research field of Sales Engineering. Also, workshops with the industry and former AASE students are part of the annual conferences.

The AASE is in contact with the industry and their alumni for sustainable quality and up-to-date research and education.

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