Objectives: AASE Education Working Group


AASE Education Working Group

The AASE Working Group Education focuses working on educational issues. Its members generally meet twice a year as well as during the AASE annual meeting to discuss all kinds of topics related to study programmes, best cases, new methods, ideas and tools for teaching, students’ and staffs´ exchanges between AASE members, and other related topics.

The WG members aim at contributing to the two AASE objectives in the educational field:

  • Continuous improvement of sales engineering education to graduate students who are highly qualified, well adapted to industrial needs, international and entrepreneurial minded and rapidly operational, both independently and in teams.
  • Development of interesting and appealing study programmes to attract more young people to these future-oriented studies so that the immense industrial demand can better be satisfied. This will be reached amongst others by harmonizing of studies in order to enhance cooperation, quality assurance regarding sales engineering, and eventually establish own Bachelor and Master Degrees for Sales Engineers.

Within the first year of discussions, the members of the AASE Education WG analysed the current situation and agreed on a mid- to long-term action plan which had been described in the AASE Roadmap for Sales Engineering Education. (open in new tab, with link to a download option for the roadmap)

This plan consists of seven actions to be worked on in the next years:

  1. Realisation of a survey on industrial needs of sales engineers and expected competences and skills today as well as in the future,
  2. Development of a common core for Sales Engineering Education basis,
  3. Encourage and facilitate (international) student and teacher exchanges by harmonisation of parts of the Sales Engineering Education programmes,
  4. Development of teaching methods, tools and offers concerning two or more higher education institutions,
  5. Setup of a certification process for Sales Engineering programmes, teachers and students
  6. Promotion of Sales Engineering Education within European higher education institutions
  7. Creation of specific Sales Engineering Bachelor (B.SE.) and Master (M.SE.) Degrees

Some AASE members decided to apply for funding under the 2016 European Erasmus+ call to finance and accelerate the work foreseen in this action plan.

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