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AASE Roadmap for Sales Engineering Education

Panelstudien zum Thema „Technischer Vertrieb“ auf Deutsch (Panel studies with the subject „Technical Sales“, language is German)


Journal of Excellence in Sales (2018)

On the Basis of the Sales Engineering Competences and Education
(Author: Reunanen, T., Röhr, T., Holopainen, T., Schneider-Störmann, L., Görne, J)


Journal of Excellence in Sales, 1/2017

Journal of Excellence in Sales, 2/2017

An Investigation of the theory practice gap in professional sales (2017)

Rapport bulding in authentic B2B Sales interactions (2017)

An investigation of the theory practice gap in professional sales (2017)

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering, Finland, discusses technical and economic solutions for custumers (go to page 32 and 33)

ESTA – TUAS: Double diplomefranco-finlandais


Optimierung strategischer Vertriebsprozesse in mittelständischen Unternehmen
(Autoren: Dr. Marion Murzin, Vadim Masharin)

Panelstudie 2016 (Technischer Vertrieb)
(Autoren: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Roman Anlanger et al)

Bachelor Thesis: The Importance of Sales Engineers in Europe
(Author: Verena Koch)

Master Thesis: Understanding the Sales Mechanisms in B2B Sales
(Author: Manuel Nagel)

Vertriebsingenieure – Alleskönner in: audimax


Setting Priorities in Customer Portfolio Management
(Author: Prof. Dr. Jobst Görne)

Structural analysis of negotiating situations
(Author: Prof. Dr. Ludger Schneider-Störmann)

Characteristics of successful Sales Interaction in B2B Sales Meetings (2015)


Professionalization and Scientification of Sales
(Author: Prof. Dr. Jobst Görne)


Sales Control in B2B Business
(Author: Prof. Dr. Jobst Görne)


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