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Sales Engineers sell products and services which are extremely technically sophisticated to industrial customers. They cover a substantially vaster range of duties in their daily work than salespersons who sell to end users. In this aspect, many of the developed consumer-marketing procedures, approaches and regularities are not applicable to technical sales or only to a limited extent.

For this very reason, experts familiar with both sales and engineering decided to establish the ACADEMIC ASSOCIATION OF SALES ENGINEERING. AASE lays its focus on education in technical sales, therefore the invitation to the founding meeting was sent solely to this small circle of experts so that the AASE dissociated itself deliberately from a pure marketing-oriented course of study in sales. The AASE consists of a committee and three working groups: Research, Teaching, and Public Relations. Each working group has a chairperson, who is a member of the expanded AASE committee.

Members of the board


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The ACADEMIC ASSOCIATION of SALES ENGINEERING e.V. is a public charity that devotes itself to establish the profession of sales engineers. Universities that join forces in AASE, equally teach technical and economical scientific contents and emphasize a well-balanced association of both subjects. The focus lies on the connection between economic knowledge and engineering science, thus AASE delineates itself from sales and marketing orientated courses of studies.


Purpose and objective of the association

  1. Enhancement of the education of „sales engineers“.
  2. Closer cooperation of involved universities and courses of studies in the fields teaching, research and public relations to further develop the profession of “sales engineer”.
  3. Establishment of the term „sales engineer“ as trademark in public.
  4. Strengthen the communal spirit.





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