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Why studying Sales Engineering?

Sales Engineers sell technical products and services to professional customers. Thus, they need various skills and competences to excel in their job. That makes Sales Engineering studies interesting and manifold.

What is included in the studies?

Sales Engineering studies reflect this variety of knowledge and skills. AASE defined four pillars for Sales Engineering bachelor studies with minimum shares for Bachelor (see graph) and Master degree programmes to respond to industrial expectations:

Technical/scientific issues can be both strong and in-depth technical education in one specification or a wide-ranging technical basis education. Both types of sales engineers are requested by companies.

Students find diversified lectures and switch daily between technical, sales and management and management topics.

Are they attractive?

The main important factors that make sales engineering studies interesting for students are seen to be

  • the attractiveness and diversity of the academic curriculum,
  • the possibility to get international experience during studies,
  • the possibility to participate in concrete real world cases and projects during the studies,
  • and last but not least the career opportunities.

Sales Engineering studies manifold and include international experience as well as first professional practice.

Are there job opportunities

AASE estimates the annual need for new Sales Engineers in Europe at more than 13.000 people. All industrial sectors all over the world recruit well trained people. Graduates from degree progammes in line with AASE criteria generally can choose between several opportunities, and interesting careers are waiting for them.

There is a huge need in industry for Sales Engineers every year, and graduates have excellent job perspectives.

Where can I study Sales Engineering?

AASE members represent universities and universities of applied sciences in Austria, Finland, France and Germany. All degree programmes fulfil the AASE criteria and guarantee attractive and exciting studies with great job opportunities for graduates.

To see the list of Sales Engineering study programmes respecting AASE criteria click here.

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