Three new publications in Springer’s ‘Sales Excellence’ magazine

Three new publications in Springer’s ‘Sales Excellence’ magazine

24. November 2020
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Three members of AASE contributed to November 2020 issue of Springer’s German ‘Sales Excellence’ magazine:

Ludger Schneider-Störmann from TH Aschaffenburg (Germany), together with Franky Muhamete, describes the opportunities for improved digital sales processes in the article ‘Use the opportunity for the turnaround to digital sales’:
Schneider-Störmann L., Muhamete F. (2020) Die Chance für die Wende zum digitalen Vertrieb nutzen. Sales Excellence, No 11.

Dominik Kagermann, AASE member Kati Lang and Angélique Roscher analyse how digitalised education can increase the learning outcomes and improve higher education:
Kagermann D., Lang K., Roscher A. (2020) Mehr Lernerfolg durch die Digitalisierung der Lehre. Sales Excellence, No 11.

And finally Luis Barrantes from Ruhr University of Bochum (Germany) dresses an image of sales engineering studies in Germany. Available in multiple universities and universities of applied sciences, sales engineering studies combine academic and practical exercises, ‘hard’ (technological) and ‘soft’ (marketing, sales, management) skills:
Vertriebsingenieur studieren. Sales Excellence, No 11.

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