Why to become a Sales Engineer?


In a global investment goods market, only companies developing innovative and customer-adapted technical products and services will survive. But developing these technical products and services is far away from being enough in modern business competition. Companies must also be able to create and sell them for their true value; and provide this to clients anywhere in the world. Therefore, they need employees able to combine technical knowledge with commercial and sales skills.

Sales Engineers dispose of the necessary skills and competences to respond to these constraints. They sell technical products and services mostly in business to business markets. They consult the professional customers and suggest technically and economically feasible solutions with an added value for both the customer and their own company.

Sales Engineering is a challenging and fascinating profession. Combining technical, commercial and sales skills and know-how as well as management, behavioural and linguistic competences to succeed in an international environment needs technically interested, sociable and open-minded personalities who are willing to challenge themselves in many different fields.

The identified European sales engineering education institutions offer 14 Bachelor and 13 Master Degree programmes, and they annually graduate only about 1,000 students. The comparison with the estimation of needed sales engineers show, that there is an important need to attract more students, and to set up more sales engineering studies around Europe: The AASE estimates the annual need of new sales engineers within the European industries is more than 12,000, and this in all technical and industrial domains.

Graduated sales engineers therefore find easily interesting jobs, which is an important aspect when choosing studies today.

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