Sales Engineer:
A challenging profession

There is still no universal definition of what a Sales Engineer is. Therefore, the Academic Association of Sales Engineering adopted the following one:

“Sales engineers (SE) sell technical products and services to companies. They consult the professional customer and suggest technically and economically feasible solutions with maximum utility for both the customer and their own company. They combine technical knowledge with commercial skills. They are best trained to understand the requirements of the industry.”

Schneider-Störmann, L. (2015): Technischer Vertrieb mit System: Einführung und Praxis des Technischen Vertriebs, Hanser-Technik, page 1

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering

AASE is an association bringing together professors, deans and directors from European Higher Education Institutions active in the education of Sales Engineers. The main objectives of the association are:

  1. The promotion of Sales Engineering in society, industry and politics,
  2. The improvement of Sales Engineering Education and the introduction of academic standards for the training and the profession of Sales Engineers,
  3. The establishment of the term “Sales Engineer” as a trademark,
  4. The stimulation of Research in the field of Sales Engineering,
  5. The close cooperation of the members in the field of education, research and public relations.

Studying Sales Engineering in Europe

In Europe, Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Schools offer studies to become a Sales Engineer. These study programmes combine every day technical, sales, marketing and management lectures; they thus satisfy the AASE standards for Sales Engineering degrees and give students the necessary skills to successfully exercise their job.

Sales Engineering studies exist as Bachelor as well as Master Degrees.

Academia researches for Industry

Selling technical products and services needs very specific skills on the one hand, but well adapted processes too. Whereas sales and marketing in industry are well developed research topics, research with a specific focus on the Sales Engineering domain is still uncommon or even not existing.

AASE will push and support Sales Engineering related research.


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